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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

- Lao Tzu

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No matter what stage of the journey your company is on, AlphaEquity is here to help. If you want to achieve a record of consistent, scalable growth and accelerate your valuation timeline, now is the time to act. 

The Lower middle-market is underserved by investment banks and M&A. Historically, they’re transaction based institutions and not in the business of providing advisory services over the long term to achieve scalable growth — over time. Alpha Equity  supports lower-middle-market CEOs with a data-proven approach for measuring and building scalable businesses that are uniquely valuable and attractive to investors & acquirers.

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In 30 days or less

  • We can measure your company’s scalability, valuation multiple, and attractiveness to investors & acquirers.
  • Provide a breakdown that compares you to both  companies within your industry and to tens of thousands of other companies of similar size and performance.
  • Learn how to leverage our empirical, market data from a proprietary database tracking insights since 2012.
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In 90 days or less

  • Discover a path that will accelerate your company’s valuation timeline.
  • Learn actions that free you and your executive team to think strategically about how to take the business to the next level and achieve premium transaction outcomes.
  • Begin to position your company for multiple, premium transaction offers and more strategic outcomes.

Does that timeline pique your interest? Start now and get your company on a path to scalable growth in three steps:

  1. Build your enterprise value profile
  2. Review your profile
  3. Utilize AlphaEquity's deep bench of resources

We offer a money back guarantee in the first 30 days if you determine you are not receiving the value you expected. And there are tons of resources available on the AlphaEquity platform even if you don’t qualify.

The AlphaEquity Platform

The AlphaEquity community is a digital platform where you can:

  • Create a peer advisory board
  • Schedule individual and group CEO support coaching
  • Interact with mentors from other industries


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Learn the key factors that can help you scale your business and accelerate its valuation timeline. We tailored our courses and webinars to bring value to your business.

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CEOs are masters of networking. But what happens when you need to speak to other CEOs? Connect with peers facing similar challenges and find mentors who can help you take things to the next level.

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Users download the mobile app and create a profile that grants them access to many of the features listed above — and more! Your courses and webinars live here on the platform, and it’s where you can tap into all the community sourced resources AlphaEquity has to offer.

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When we went through the evaluation process, it became apparent that our membership model, or recurring revenue, was not something that we could rely on. There was no recurring revenue, at all. It was zero… I didn’t see how we could do it. Fast forward, that’s the only thing we sell now. So in terms of driving up customer retention and utilization rate, those are two of the biggest changes we’ve made. And I think the shift to membership was a huge value-add for us.

Michael Delman
CEO - Beyond Booksmart

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