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AlphaEquity supports lower middle-market — sales from $2 to $15+ million — CEOs for investment, debt financing, merger or sale through community-based advisory boards along with 1-on-1 coaching.

Our program measures and forecasts your company’s value and its attractiveness to investors and acquirers. We then help increase your company’s value in core areas that investors and acquirers care about and are willing to pay a premium for.

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Data Based

AlphaEquity uses a proprietary data-driven system built on metrics from over ten thousand privately held companies dating back over ten years. This helps us create a framework and methodology for your business that will drive value with a measurable ROI.

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Our program leverages a comprehensive online platform and a mobile application to take your business to the next level. You’ll have access to community resources, webinars, courses and everything you need to take your business to the next level, everywhere you go.

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Expert Coaches

World class athletes need coaching, as do masters of business. And CEOs need coaches who have faced the same challenges and know what it’s like to be in the trenches of a fully functioning corporation. AlphaEquity connects you with experts and mentors who can help you accelerate your valuation timeline.

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Measurable Growth

What good is a program and coaching if you can’t measure the return on your investment? AlphaEquity uses key scalability drivers that reveal where your company is at and what it is capable of. As you progress, you can use these drivers to accelerate your valuation timeline.

How it works

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Step 1

Build your enterprise value profile

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What is the potential value of your business? 

For qualified lower-middle market businesses, AlphaEquity builds an enterprise value profile that measures your company’s scalability score, valuation multiple, and comparable attractiveness to investors and acquirers — compared to tens of thousands of companies. We’re willing to absorb the cost of our value profile as a way to get to know you and your business better.

Step 2

Review your enterprise value profile

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What’s your valuation multiple?

You’ll take away actionable insights for tracking and measuring your company’s progress and performance — and your potential to increase the valuation multiple.  

And don't worry, whether you choose to take action on those insights or not, we’re still willing to absorb the cost as a way to get to know you and your business better. Simplicity of “open the app” and add the tie-in to book a demo/initial advisory call

Step 3

Take action and start scaling

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Talk live and tap into AlphaEquity's deep bench of resources.

Open our app to access a rich, hybrid-world of value building resources that blend real people, technology, and transformation. And it just gets better. Check out our money back guarantee for accelerating the value of your business.

Talk live with an advisor now, or choose a time that's convenient for you.

AlphaEquity Platform

It's the first corporate development platform purpose-built for lower middle market companies. backed by a pay-for-performance guarantee for accelerating the value of your business. We help build scalable companies and help position them to be strategically attractive to investors & acquirers.

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In 30 days or less...

The first month is about measuring scalability and salability and finding out if your business is transaction ready. We compare specific areas of your business to over 10k other companies of similar size, along with your industry peers, to create a profile and framework of scalability for your company.

  • Know if your business is ready to scale or for acquisition or purchase
  • Learn how your business compares to thousands of other companies of a similar size
  • Have a reference point for specific areas where you can focus your efforts for scalability or salability
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In 90 days or less...

Continue on and discover a pathway to accelerating your company’s valuation timeline. This is where we begin to position your company for multiple, premium transaction offers and more strategic outcomes. We’ll help you take measurable actions toward building a more scalable enterprise.

  • Learn how to achieve premium transaction outcomes
  • Implement a quantifiable methodology that increases your company’s value
  • Accelerate your company’s valuation timeline
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Additional benefits

The AlphaEquity platform is a system of community sourced resources. You’ll work with our experienced coaches and develop a framework for scalability, but you’ll also have access to create an advisory board within the AlphaEquity community. There are also opportunities to find mentors and meet other individuals who can help in all aspects of your business from marketing to human resources.

  • Tap into a system of community sourced resources
  • Create an advisory board of peers who provide straightforward answers to key business questions
  • Learn from the best through interactive webinars, programs, and cohorts

Get your business ready to go to market

Using a data-proven framework for achieving scalable growth and securing premium transaction outcomes,  AlphaEquity can get your business primed for investors.

Our platform replaces traditional advisory, investment banking, M&A, and financial services with a community platform of support resources that’s accessible to lower middle-market CEOs. If you’re interested in creating a record of consistent growth and attracting buyers or acquirers, the time to act is now. 

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Portrait of Michael Delman from Beyond Booksmart

“When we went through the evaluation process, it became apparent that our membership model, or recurring revenue, was not something that we could rely on. There was no recurring revenue, at all. It was zero… I didn’t see how we could do it. Fast forward, that’s the only thing we sell now. So in terms of driving up customer retention and utilization rate, those are two of the biggest changes we’ve made. And I think the shift to membership was a huge value-add for us.”

Michael Delman, CEO Beyond Booksmart

AlphaEquity creates a path to scalability

Now that you know how it works, see if you qualify for our 30 day program to build your enterprise value profile and salability factor.

By clicking the get started now button you submit your information to AlphaEquity, who will use it to communicate with you regarding their services and products.