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Our vision

A platform where lower middle-market CEOs can level the playing field. Proprietary data and technology that helps companies attract premium offers.

We see it too often — thousands of lower-middle market companies attempting to scale or position themselves for sale or acquisition only to falter at a laundry list of challenges:

  • Insufficient liquidity
  • Undermined valuation multiples
  • No access to capital markets and resources
  • Poor or no access to expert advice
  • Lack of understanding of investment banking and M&A

These challenges lead to businesses being sold or acquired at rates well below what’s possible. And it’s all because CEOs and managers at this market level don’t have essential tools they need to scale. 

AlphaEquity exists to provide the essential tools needed to overcome these challenges and give private lower middle-market CEOs the ability to scale and attract premium offers.

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Our mission 

Most CEOs know the value of their company is some multiple of profit or revenue, but what's the multiple?

CEOs often focus on top line revenue and profitability to drive company value. But this misses out on a far bigger opportunity. Investors and acquirers are more interested in scalability.  In fact, the data shows that companies with scalability receive twice as many offers and at double the valuation multiple — and price! — as average companies.

Our mission is to provide access to a platform with a data-proven methodology for increasing the scalability and value of lower middle-market companies.

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Become an advisory chair

If you have experience investing, selling, or acquisition of lower-middle market companies, let’s talk. We want to partner with individuals who are willing to help CEOs in this market thrive and overcome obstacles that lead to lower valuations and poor business deals.

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Become a speaker

Do you have experience or a drive to impart wisdom and knowledge to lower-middle market businesses and management? — or even other areas related to running a business? We have a platform where you can inform and inspire individuals in this market.

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Become a resource partner

Businesses in the lower-middle market need experts willing to present the latest tools and programs. Is that you? Our platform is a means to help others utilize technology to accelerate their business. 

Don't let investment bankers and M&A reps have the upper hand. AlphaEquity makes premium offers possible.

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