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Do you have ownership in a private company and wonder about the liquidity of your investment?

Whether recently or over a decade ago, if you’ve invested in a lower middle-market company, you want an ROI. But It's about cashing in on your ownership, which can be illiquid. You can’t get dead money without a game plan, a pathway to scalable growth and securing a transaction. And while many CEOs understand how to run a business, they’re not familiar with the concepts of scalability and salability. 

We have a solution for investors and owners considering a pathway to exit, their valuation timeline, or liquidity. Let AE help.

Introduce your CEO to a platform that accelerates the company’s valuation timeline.

CEOs have a lot on their plate between accounting, staffing, marketing, sales, and more. Plus, they’re still accountable to you as an investor or owner in a company. With AlphaEquity, you can help to free your CEO to shift focus towards actions that will immediately and systematically increase the value of the company. 

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With our assessment, you and your CEO will have a better understanding of key factors that drive interest from investors and acquirers and know how your company compares to tens-of-thousands of others of similar size and performance.

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Community Sourced Resources

The lower-middle market is underserved. AlphaEquity gives you and your CEO access to 1-to-1 advisory and peer advisory and group sessions from mentors and CEOs who’ve had success scaling and creating value in multiple businesses.

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Scalability and Salability

In less than 90 days, AlphaEquity can build a strategic pathway that positions your company for premium transaction offers and allows your CEO to take more actions towards building a scalable, saleable enterprise.


Of participants have identified measurable improvement to their valuation multiple


Saw their scalability score improve
as a result of initiatives undertaken


 Report their experience as transformational and life changing when it comes to their business

Explore all that AlphaEquity has to offer

The AlphaEquity process

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Want to know more about AlphaEquity’s about our data-driven process to scale your company? 

Using statistically proven attributes, we measure your company’s value and scalability and look at other factors that generate interest from investors. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Review our simple three-step process and learn how the platform can help you incorporate a data-based framework for measuring and building up the value of your business.

Generate a higher potential outcome

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If you invested in a lower middle-market venture and are thinking about a return on your investment, explore our Investors page. We have resources on liquidity, valuation timelines, and pathways to exit. It’s a way you can help the CEO of the company you’ve invested in build a valuable, scalable company that will solicit interest from acquirers and other investors.

AlphaEquity offers CEOs a community of their own

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AlphaEquity has an established track record of helping CEOs discover their path to scalability. With our data driven framework, we’ve helped many create this path for their company. Listen to their stories and see how AlphaEquity can help to identify potential areas of opportunity to build your company’s

AlphaEquity offers a deep bench of resources

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Unfortunately, one of the most underserved business markets is the lower middle-market. But AlphaEquity has a mission to change the narrative. We offer a platform full of top-tier resources for lower middle-market CEOs. Here, you can explore the technology we use to quickly identify areas in your company that drive value and learn about our community sourced resources to help scale your business.

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“COVID hit and the turnaround rapidly became like a startup. We had to re-envision the business from ground zero. One of the first calls I made was to AlphaEquity to get a baseline. We’ve gone through the AlphaEquity methodology twice now with the board of directors providing input to the assessment and then reviewing, in detail, the output for that. It created a good baseline for us as an organization seeing where we really need to focus. And I’m glad to say that when we did the re-up this past year, it was clear that we had made some great progress on some really important points.”

John Penrose, CEO Leading Indicator Systems


What is AlphaEquity?

AlphaEquity provides a platform with the specific purpose of supporting lower middle-market ($2 - $15 million in revenue) CEOs. With a data-proven approach, AlphaEquity can help you build a scalable business that’s uniquely valuable and attractive to investors & acquirers and provide a pathway to attracting premium transaction offers, whether you seek investment, debt financing, merger or sale.

What is AlphaEquity community?

The heart of AlphaEquity is the community within our digital platform. It provides users with the means to create a digital advisory board and facilitates both one-to-one and group. It also provides access to a deep bench of Community Sourced Resources. This supports CEOs in employing a data proven framework for measuring and building a more scalable and valuable business.

What do you mean by community sourced resources?

CEOs need support in a wide variety of areas, but AlphaEquity has you covered. Whether it’s mentorship, help with LinkedIn automation, or contacts to digital marketing professionals, you can find it within the AlphaEquity community. These resources give lower middle-market CEOs the ability to scale as fast as companies in higher tiers.

How long is the process?

Within 30 days, AlphaEquity can help you to measure your business’ scalability, company value, and attractiveness to investors and acquirers.

Within 90 days, you will discover a pathway to accelerating your company’s valuation timeline and begin to position your company for multiple, premium transaction offers and more strategic outcomes. 

Want to know how it works?

AlphaEquity generates positive investment outcomes

Connect your CEO with a platform of tools and resources designed to accelerate value and attract high-level investors and acquirers.

By clicking the get started now button you submit your information to AlphaEquity, who will use it to communicate with you regarding their services and products.