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Community Sourced Resources

AlphaEquity is the first platform offering CommunitySourced Resources for founders, owners, and CEOs of lower middle market companies. Backed by a pay-for-performance guarantee for accelerating the value of your business, we design scalable companies and position them to be strategically attractive to investors & acquirers using a proven framework for securing premium transaction outcomes.

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Community sourced
digital marketing resources

Connect with movers and shakers in the world of digital marketing who can help drive potential customers into any sales funnel.

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AlphaEquity Curated Content

Peer Advisory Group members gain access to a wide range of bonus events and materials that can help prime your company for scalability and salability.

Value Builder model

Value Builder System

A key AlphaEquity partner, the Value Builder System helps CEOs utilize a point system to gauge and target core areas in their business directly linked to maximizing transaction outcomes.

Entrepreneurial Operating System

Another helpful system that complements the Value Builder System. It allows CEOs to go dig deeper into methodologies of running and managing a business for scalability. 

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Advisory Partners

A partner stack of M&A transaction lawyers, accountants, and other intermediaries for capital raising, and financing for lower middle-market companies.

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Castanet helps you to tap into the power of LinkedIn by generating B2B leads. Their program connects you with high-quality prospects through the platform. From there, you can set up automated or personal campaigns to engage with potential clients, investors, or talent.


Human capital management can be a challenge. But with AgileBrain you can have a better understanding of issues and the effect your decisions are having on employees. Their technology doubles the accuracy of traditional surveys making it much more predictive. 

AlphaEquity Technology

AlphaEquity has an established track record of helping CEOs discover their path to scalability. 

It’s all possible with a proprietary selection of technologies that allow business owners to effectively address key areas in their business that can accelerate a valuation timeline.

We’ve combined analytics with a social network to create a comprehensive platform that utilizes technology to give lower middle-market companies access the resources they need to scale.

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Data Driven System

Love data and science? Our proprietary data driven system is built on the valuation multiples of tens of thousands of privately held companies dating back to 2012. The database statistically establishes areas that drive value and informs a framework and methodology for creating a measurable ROI.

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AlphaEquity Platform

Our platform works to accelerate the framework established within our data driven system. It’s a network where you can connect with peers, create an advisory board, and access our Community Sourced Resources.

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AlphaEquity Mobile

CEOs work on the go. And with AlphaEquity mobile you’ll be able to access the platform anytime, anywhere. You’ll never miss a course or webinar. And you can keep in constant contact with your personal advisory board and mentors.

Downloadable resources

The Owner’s Metric: The One Number You Need to Be Truly Free

Owners metric guide

In today’s world, it’s possible to buy personal freedom and get to a point where work is a choice instead of an obligation. 

This ebook gives you insights on how to use your company to buy freedom and reveals eight key factors that drive the value of any company.

The 4 Degrees of Delegation

4 degrees of delegation

Business owners often like to micromanage every single aspect of their company. But every person has their limits, and it’s impossible to sustain this management style indefinitely.

Truly valuable companies are the ones that will flourish without you at the helm every second. 

This resource will help you avoid poor delegation styles and see how delegation has an effect on your company’s overall value.

The Definitive Guide to Standard Operating Procedures

The Definitive Guide to Standard Operating Procedures

People start businesses for a variety of reasons, but freedom of time is usually the driving factor. If you crave that freedom, you must understand how to create a standard operating procedure.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to create consistency for your customers and reduce the time you spend solving problems and training employees. It also reveals key factors in these areas that can help build value in your company for potential buyers or investors.

How Your Greatest Strength Becomes a Debilitating Weakness

Rainmakers guide

Are you familiar with a Rainmaker? It’s the individual who drives revenue for a company. And for forty percent of businesses, it’s the owner. 

They may be remarkable at growing a business. But often, there’s a point where the Rainmaker can’t do anything more for the business. 

This eBook teaches you how to recognize Rainmaker characteristics, provides evidence how this role can affect the value of your company, and shows you how to transform from a Rainmaker into an Architect.

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